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Blue Filtered Lenses

These lenses are fairly new to the market and they appear clear rather than a blue colour as the name suggests. These lenses are designed for people who encounter the following on a regular basis.

  • Laptops
  • Computer Screens
  • Ipads and other tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • TV
  • Spend a lot of time outdoors


We’ve all heard about UV light damage to our skin and eyes but not many people know about the harmful effects of blue light. All of the above electronic devices emit harmful blue light (Blue light is also present in sunrays).

DON’T PANIC – the effects of blue light is not sight threatening but can cause some discomfort which many people experience on a daily basis.

One of the effects of blue light is trouble sleeping at night especially if you have been on your phone just before bed – which majority of us are. Blue light can cause a reduction in a hormone called melatonin and this hormone plays an important role in our biological clock. By reducing the level of this hormone it can have an effect on your sleeping pattern and your body actually thinks it’s still day time even though it’s not.

So if digital devices are causing you eyestrain, headaches or you’re having trouble sleeping at night then blue filtered lenses will be ideal for you.

Currently there’s research being carried out that suggests blue light can increase the chances of developing macular degeneration – so protecting your eyes from blue light can only be beneficial.  

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