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Proud to be Independent

Here at John’s we are proud to be independent.

Without any outside influences this means we can choose the best products for our customers. Products that can be bespoke to every individual needs. 

Without the volume of most high street opticians, we allow ourselves time with our patients. We have one optometrist, Usman Syed who is also the owner of the business. So you know you’re in good hands. It also allows for continuity meaning a relationship can be built. A more relaxed experience, especially for those with ongoing issues or concerns about their eyes.

We have a small professional team with a wealth of optical experience. Quality time can be spent with you, helping you choose the right frames and lenses. We never want to make our patients feel rushed in making that all important decision.

With the freedom of being independent we can offer unique and individual products such as Italian designed hand crafted frames. Something you might not find in most high street opticians. We can offer a wide range of different lenses for your spectacles. The latest technology can be obtained, whether it is smart blue coatings for office workers and gamers, latest generation of transition lenses for walkers or the latest in varifocal technology to give more freedom from head movements.

Here at John’s we call ourselves a family. We want our family to look after your family.

You can call us today on 0115 9814788 (West Bridgford) or 0115 9475858 (Hockley) to book in for a sight test. 

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