Join our VIP Member Scheme and spread out the cost of your annual eye care

Just as you pay monthly for a phone contract or gym membership, wouldn’t it be nice to spread out the cost of some of your other expenses, too? Looking after your eyes is essential, but paying in a lump sum doesn’t have to be.

Our VIP Member Scheme can help you spread the cost of your eye care with small monthly payments from as little as £9.99 a month. You’ll also get generous discounts off the eyewear of your choice alongside other added benefits too.

  Glasses plan
£9.99 p/m
Contact lenses plan
£11.99 p/m
Glasses and contact lenses plan
£17.99 p/m
Eye examination X X X
Diagnostic tests X X X
25% off frames X   X
25% off optical accessories X   X
Aftercare and contact lens checks   X X
25% off contact lenses and eye drops   X X

If you wish to get glasses completely covered against any repairs too, you can with a small additional cost of £1.99 a month.

So why not join our exclusive VIP Member Schem today? For more information, simply speak to our friendly team at your closest Johns Opticians practice.