Styling Consultation – A better way to choose glasses.

At Johns Opticians we do things a little differently.  Many people are used to finding themselves being overwhelmed by a huge selection of frames, many of which don’t fit or suit your specific requirements, and being either ‘left to it’ or hurried in to choosing quickly.

At Johns we recognize that everyone is different, choosing a frame that is going to be comfortable, suitable and look great is not something you want to be rushed in to.  Nobody likes feeling like they are just another number, or that the person serving them is unqualified and only thinking of their sales figures.

This is why we have created our Style Consultation.  We want you to feel relaxed knowing you are in safe hands.  All of our Ophthalmic Dispensers are qualified and experienced in optics, with great people skills and the know how to help you choose the best frame for you.  We also supply some of the best bespoke and handmade frames you can find, from the critically acclaimed Tom Davies (As worn by Ed Sheeran and Angelina Jolie among others) to the gorgeous handmade Italian frames of ResRei.  So come and have a cuppa, relax and let us do all the work for you.
After all, it is what we do best.

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