Framed — eyewear that makes a masterpiece of any face

Finding the ideal frames for your face shape can be slightly more puzzling than picking the perfect pair of stilettos.

We’ve got elegant niche eyewear to suit everyone — so our styling consultations ensure you always leave the shop looking like a superstar.

But if you want a head start to help browse our brands, this face shape guide is the very dab.


An oval face is a blessing for bespoke specs — it means you’ll have several styles to choose from. Your face is perfectly proportioned thanks to a rounded forehead and chin, so it suits most frames.

Choose a pair that are wider than the broadest part of your face, match them with your skin tone and hair and voila — you’re ready for your close-up.


Heart-shaped faces are wide at the forehead, then taper down gradually towards the chin. If this sounds like you, choose frames that have a prominent brow line.

Retro styles are a top pick — consider clubmasters for gents or cat eyes for ladies.


A round face has circular cheeks, a wider forehead, curved chin and soft jawline.

If you fall into this category, angular frames will clash with your features, but round ones will blend brilliantly.


Square faces have strong jawlines and broad foreheads.

But it’s hip to be square — simply choose narrow frames with more width than depth as they’ll elongate your features and soften your jaw.


Rectangular faces typically have deep foreheads, long noses and robust jaws.

Choosing modern frames with a bold brow line and square shape will shorten the appearance and add definition.


The beauty of boutique brands is that they blend terrific technical qualities with diverse and unique styles that suit practically every face shape.

If you value artisan aesthetics, handmade Italian Res Rei frames should suit you down to the ground.

And if you’re seeking the ultimate in tailor-made perfection, custom-made Tom Davies frames are practically peerless.

Whichever niche brand your choose, our staff will ensure that they’re a fabulous fit for your face — but this guide might help you optimise your options.

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