Halloween — eye safety in the spook-tacular season

At Johns Opticians, the arrival of autumn fills us with thrills as well as chills.
From golden leaves turning on the trees and crisp, clear morning air to the anticipation of Christmas around the corner, it’s an exciting time.

But for families, Halloween is the true highlight of the season — so read on for some top tips for fans of ghoulish eyewear to ensure that your little monsters have a spook-tastic time.

Spooky Frames

Novelty frames from your local fancy dress shop can really complete an outfit this Halloween — whether you want to look like an eccentric scientist, a member of the undead or that popular teen wizard whose name escapes us for the moment.

But for those with prescription lenses, the novelty can soon wear off, because without your everyday frames, uncorrected vision might mean it’s not only ghouls going bump in the night.

Tip: If you must wear creepy eyewear, only do so for a limited time. Returning to your normal prescription lenses as soon as possible will reduce the risk of taking an embarrassing (and dangerous) tumble.

Coloured Contact Lenses

It is easy to see why coloured contact lenses are popular around Halloween. They truly blur the line between truth and reality, making those around you wonder for a second whether you might be a bona fide zombie, werewolf or

But please remember that prescription cosmetic contact lenses should still be dispensed by an optometrist or trained medical professional by law in the UK.

And purchasing unregulated contact lenses from a market stall or online can lead to serious eye health conditions such as infections, ulcers, abrasions or, in extreme cases, loss of sight.

Tip: Coloured contact lenses can be really dangerous for your eyes if not properly prescribed, so we suggest that you should avoid wearing them unless they’re responsibly sourced. Try some high-quality theatrical eye-makeup for a horrifying alternative that you can wash off after a haunting evening.


The skies will be awash with colour on the 5th of November as we celebrate the failed attempt by Guy Fawkes and his explosive band to blow the Houses of Parliament to smithereens.

And this can be a particularly dangerous time of the year for eyes — the Eye Care Trust reports that on average 10 people a year lose their sight and 300 people suffer eye-related injuries due to irresponsible use of fireworks.

Tip: Only attend official events where responsible adults handle the fireworks and kids remain at a safe distance at all time.

Halloween should be a terrifyingly good time for young and old, but follow these top tips to stay safe and sound on
the spookiest of nights.

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