Gifted — unwrap niche eyewear this Christmas

Giving gifts is as crucial to Christmas as mince pies, crackers and mistletoe.

And as the years advance, it’s tougher to find something unique for the special people in your life.

If you’re the type of giver who doesn’t settle for second best, soap-on-a-rope and socks won’t satisfy you.

But niche eyewear might give you the type of Crimbo cachet usually reserved for Santa himself — here’s why.


New Year, new look

Busy festive social calendars bring style issues to the foreground, so while we’re sorting through wardrobes, it’s natural to review our eyewear collections ahead of the New Year.

So whether they prefer Res Rei or Ray Ban, popping into our store to splash out on some ravishing frames for your partner is a timely way to spoil them with a terrific gift.

And style-conscious teens will feel ready for the catwalk after selecting something special from our Charles Stone or Calvin Klein collections.

But while you’re busy buying elegant eyewear for lucky loved ones, don’t forget to treat yourself — for instance, some custom-made Tom Davies frames will help you enter 2019 like a luxe legend.


Style consultations

Don’t forget that you can book a Johns Opticians style consultation that enables our expert staff to help your gift recipient choose frames like a connoisseur.

And popping into our store and relaxing with a coffee while we work our magic with your loved ones is a wonderful way to while away an afternoon — you can be confident that they’ll leave with excellent eyewear that blends cool couture, terrific technology and premium practicality.


VIP plan

If you’re yearning for a gift that brings brilliant savings on eyewear all year round, paying for someone special’s VIP Membership is another great choice. 

Options start at under £10 a month and include eye examinations, diagnostic tests and up to 25 per cent off frames.

This is an excellent option for niche eyewear fans who want to spread the cost of staying up to date with the latest fashions — or children who have suddenly become too cool to shop with their parents and want to manage their own eyecare regime.


Thoughtful gifts

Elegant eyewear is a glamorous gift but it’s also eminently practical and extremely thoughtful.

Few other presents have the capacity to boost confidence every day of the year by making someone you care deeply about feel delighted each time they look in the mirror or receive a charming compliment.

If you want a superb stocking filler for 2018, look no further than Johns Opticians.


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