Children’s eye care that’s cool, confident and crucial

At Johns Opticians, we know that a lifelong dedication to eye health starts with baby steps.

That’s why we’re with you and your children all the way — from the time they toddle in for their first eye exam to teenage years and beyond.

Our professional optometrists have the time-served expertise, cutting-edge equipment and stylish products that maintain lifelong eye health and crucially, boost confidence too.

We’ve been making children’s eye care fun and informative for years, so your youngsters are in good hands here.

Eye Care

Near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism and inadequate visual motor integration can all affect a child’s educational development.

But thorough eye tests can also diagnose the visual indicators of conditions like dyslexia as early as possible — and although your child might not be old enough to tell you that they’ve got eye health issues, blurred vision, headaches, poor reading comprehension and writing difficulties can all be symptomatic.

It’s never too early to implement a child’s eye care regime — new-born babies are offered routine eye checks and supplementary exams are performed at 6 to 8 weeks old, when a child turns one and two, then every two years from age 4 or 5 onwards.

And remember, NHS eye tests are free for all children under 16 years old (and for those under 19 in full-time education), so there’s no excuse not to bring your child to your optician regularly for a check and a chat.

Eye Wear

Studies on children’s perception of glasses wearers and the self-concept of those who wear glasses have been reviewed by The British Psychological Society  — and the results make interesting reading.

Some stereotypes stand — there’s limited evidence that children are less interested in being friends with glasses-wearing classmates, although thanks to characters like Harry Potter, they do tend to view them as more intelligent.

Meanwhile, young children are more willing to wear glasses than you may think, older children might feel less confident and, in certain circumstances, switching to contact lenses can elevate self-esteem.

But with years of collective experience and a chic boutique stocked with the latest trends, our staff provide a bespoke service for children that counteracts any of these negative trends and transforms choosing and wearing glasses or contacts into a positive experience.

From cool styles that make younger kids feel like superheroes to niche designer frames that fit the bill for young adults, we’ve got the depth of choice and empathic understanding required to deliver an outstanding service for children.

At Johns Opticians, top-quality eye care for clients of all ages is child’s play.

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