Why Aren’t Your Transition Lenses Working In The Car

Not all transition lenses are the same.

Traditional transition lenses are dependent on UV light and the problem is most modern car windscreens block out harmful UV rays.

Your windcscreens contain UV inhibitors which protects your windscreen and as a result block out 98%-99% of all UV.

UV light is not visible to the naked eye and has nothing to do with how much sunlight is present; that’s why some people can still get sunburn on a cloudy day or when they go on skiing holidays where the temperatures are below freezing.

As a result this raises confusion about the effectiveness of transition lenses and questions like:

If sunlight is coming through my windscreen and into my eyes why aren’t my transition lenses darkening? Are the lenses defective?

The answer is no, they are working completely fine. The issue is most of the UV is blocked by your windscreen and they simply can’t react to UV light that is not there. However you may still notice some darkening of your transition lenses in your car – this is because your rear window and side windows don’t block as much UV light as your front windscreen so a higher proportion of UV light will spill through and not forgetting if your windows are opened than that can allow some UV light to come though and cause the lenses to darken.

So what’s the solution?

XTRActive Transitions – Unlike traditional transition lenses, XTRActive transitions darken behind car windscreens. This is because they have unique technology that allows the lenses to respond to normal light as well as UV light protecting your eyes from glaring sun whilst driving.

XTRActive transition lenses also have other benefits:

  1. Blocks out 100% of UVA and UVB light rays which can contribute to cataracts and Age-related Macular Degeneration.
  2. Selectively filters out harmful blue light indoors from modern light sources and outdoors from the sun.
  3. They come with a subtle tint which protects your eyes from harsh lighting; perfect if you are light sensitive or just want a pair of comfortable lenses.

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