Metal or Plastic Glasses – Which Are Best For You?

To be honest whether it’s plastic or metal glasses there isn’t a clear winner here. Ultimately the decision is yours based on what you do on a daily basis. As opticians it’s our job to guide you in helping you choose your perfect pair of glasses and give you recommendations based on what we know that works.

In this section I think it’s important to give you the pros and cons of each type of glasses, so that you can make an educated decision when it comes to choosing your new pair of glasses.

Plastic Frames

I might sound a little biased here (it’s because I like plastic glasses) – but they are just better. I’ll tell you why:

Comfort – Overall plastic glasses are more comfortable and this is because they don’t have nose pads (although you might find the odd plastic frames with these nose pads). They have a molded bridge so will be more comfortable to wear on your nose. The nose pads in metal glasses tend to dig in on two areas on either side of your nose and can become uncomfortable over time.

Hide Lens Thickness – If you are highly short sighted then you will notice more thickness on the edges of your lenses. Plastic frames are much better at hiding that extra thickness of the lenses.

Colourful – Overall plastic frames are available in more colours. The colourful options are particularly good for someone who wants to make a bold statement and wants to be noticed on the streets.

Sturdy – Plastic frames feel more secure on your face unlike metal frames which can feel flimsy and loose.

Hypoallergenic – Plastic frames don’t contain any nickle so if you are allergic to nickle then plastic frames are a better choice for you.

Better for High Prescriptions – If your prescription is on the higher side then your lenses will be thicker. Plastic frames do a better job at holding the heavier and thicker lenses.

Do you still like plastic? Well it’s
not all perfect with plastic frames, they do have some drawbacks.

Loosen Quickly – Your frame are in constant contact with your face and the body heat can cause the frames to widen and lose adjustment quickly. This can easily be fixed by making a quick trip to the your opticians. It’s always best to have regular adjustments on your plastic frames and not to leave it too long. Older plastic frames become harder over time and it can make it very difficult for the optician to adjust.

Metal Frames

Metal frames do have there advantages
and are designed for people who want more of a conservative or a business
professional look. However times have changed and some plastic frames can have
the same affect.

So what are the benefits of a metal

Minimalistic Look – Metal frames give a very conservative look. If you don’t want to make a bold statement then go for a metal frame. You can also have semi rimless or supra frames (no frames at the bottom) which give even more of a minimalistic look.

Hold Adjustments – Metal frames tend to hold their adjustments a lot better than plastic frames. Meaning less trips to the optician. However I would still recommend you visit your optician regularly to have your frames checked.

Fine Adjustments – All metal frames have nose pads and these can be individually adjusted to sit on your nose correctly. Unlike plastic frames which don’t have nose pads, so you may find that they don’t always sit correctly on your face.

Better For An Active Lifestyle – Metal frames are generally lighter and more flexible. For this reason people are drawn more towards metal frames that have an active lifestyle.

Metal frames are great for people who
want a minimalistic look and have an active lifestyle. However there are some
drawbacks with metal frames.

Metal Allergy – Some people are not able to wear metal frames because they are allergic to the nickle in metal frames. An alternative option is either stainless steel or titanium.

Not Suitable for High Prescriptions – I’m not saying you can’t have metal frames if you have a higher prescription, but lenses that are thicker and heavier have a tendency to fall out of metal frames.

Snap at Joints – Metal frames have a tendency to break at the joints especially if they don’t have spring hinges. 

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