Annoying Glasses That Just Don’t Fit

Working in the optical industry for over 10 years you get to hear the most common issues of glasses that don’t fit. Whether they are pinching, off centre, crooked frames or just keep slipping.

Don’t try to adjust them yourself – go and see a professional. Below I’ve highlighted the 5 most common issues associated with poor fitting frames.


  1. Slipping Spectacles.

It’s a Sunday morning and your enjoying reading your newspaper then all of a sudden everything starts to blur and you realise your glasses have slipped to the end of your nose – I know the frustration of having to keep pushing your glasses up. Slipping glasses are caused by the temples not curved enough behind the ears, nose pads are not adjusted properly to fit your unique nose bridge or simply the glasses are just too tight on the side of your head which is forcing them forward.


Solution – Remember to always ask a professional to adjust your glasses. The first thing to adjust would be the temples (the part that’s curved behind your ear). By applying some heat the temples can be bent or curved so that it follows the shape of your head behind your ears for comfortable fitting. Another tactic would be to use nose pad pliers to gently adjust the nose pads. Apply gentle pressure as sudden jerky movement can easily break the glasses. The nose pads can easily be adjusted to fit the shape of your nose.  Don’t worry if the above doesn’t work – there’s another solution to slipping glasses – they are too tight. You can easily widen the glasses at the hinges after applying some heat so that the arms are approx. 120 degrees and don’t forget to adjust the temples so that they fit comfortably behind your ears.


  1. Crooked frames

Crooked frames always remind me of a mad scientist. But we have as solution to get them straight again. Crooked frames usually occur because the arms are not parallel, the ears are different heights (its normal) or the right side of the frame is not aligned with the left side of the frame. If you place your glasses upside down on a flat surface you can see the frame is misshaped.

Solution – After heating the frame gently bend the hinge upwards or downwards depending on the misalignment. Frames can also be easily rotated on the offending side to match the other side. Once again you have straight frames.


  1. Frames that pinch

Pinching frames could be the cause of your recent headaches.

If your glasses are too small than they can dig in behind your ears. Or the temple is not aligned with your head causing them to dig into the side of your head.

Solution – As before the arms need to be adjusted so they are at approx. 120 degrees and then the temples manipulated to fit the side of your head. If the temples are too long or too short then the heating method can again be used to readjust the position of the temples. Frames that have nose pads can easily be loosened to improve comfort. If you have a constant feeling that your glasses are too tight than you may want to consider spring hinges.


  1. Off Centred Lenses

Off centred lenses can give you a feeling of feeling a little dizzy. Your vision can be blurred and you struggle to make out distances. This can cause headaches and discomfort. When your lenses are off-centre than you are not looking through the optical centre of the lenses this can cause blurred vision and disorientation. Off-centred lenses occur because of wrong measurements or lenses being edged incorrectly. The optician should not only measure the distance between your pupils to centre the lenses but also should inquire on how you tend to use your glasses i.e. for reading or computer work.

Solution – Unfortunately the only way to fix this is to have the lenses remade.

  1. Too Big or Too Small.

We see this all the time – oversized or undersized frames which just don’t fit your face. If your frames don’t fit well then it can cause many of the problems above.

Solution – For comfort and best possible vision you can have your lenses cut down into a smaller frame. You can increase the overall width of the frame by asking for a larger bridge or  extend the temples. Majority of people will wear their glasses all of the time so it’s essential you get it right the first time. Well made and good fitting glasses will look good and feel comfortable. Trusting your optician to take proper measurements and finding you a pair that

will fit properly will eliminate many of the common issues associated with wearing spectacles.

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