How Expensive Are Glasses At Johns Opticians?

How expensive are glasses at Johns Opticians – The answer to this question is ‘it depends’. Let me just elaborate a little – it depends on which frames you choose and what your lens requirements are.

Ill be honest with you we are not as cheap as specsavers, boots opticians, vision express or supermarket opticians so we will not appeal to everybody. But the good news is we have plenty of options for new clients, who we help every week that previously went to high street opticians. They do spend more than they did at the chain stores. However they appreciate that the time is spent with them to find their ideal pair of glasses and that they’ve found something that they really like.

What Kind Of Eyewear Do We Stock?

We do specialise in independent niche eyewear. So the frames are of a superior quality, handmade, of different designs and are different from your usual mainstream brands. So they do cost more than your usual designer brands that are mass produced and seen in most high street opticians.

Our Niche frames start around £320. The average collection price for these niche products is around £400. So if you have a budget of about £300 for your frames we will be able to show you plenty of options.

Our lenses are of the highest quality available so that our clients benefit from the best possible vision. However during your eye test we will go through your visual requirement and how you use your eyes on a daily basis. Only then we will be able to make you recommendations and give you options based on your preferences and your prescription. Lens technology keeps on advancing and improving. So we will give you all the options that are available to you and then it’s up to you to make that educated decision in terms of the quality of lenses you want compared to how much you want to spend on your eyewear.

If you wear single vision glasses (i.e. distance or reading) our premium lenses start at £130 and go up to £290. There are basic single vision lenses available from £75

If you wear varifocals then for our premium lenses range from £420 to £580. Our basic varifocals start from £270.

How Expensive are Glasses at Johns Opticians

If you were to come to Johns Opticians for the first time I think it’s useful to give you the average amount a new client spends on their varifocals. Some will spend less and some will spend more, but this is the average.

The average amount a new client spends on their varifocals is around £600.

For most people this is more than what they have spent previously. But majority of our new clients have been left disappointed with their glasses in the past or they’ve had a bad experience at their previous optician.

We invest more time in our clients and give you all the options available to you to make an educated decision. So our  clients are more than happy to spend that little bit extra and find the right pair of eyewear which they will enjoy wearing for 2-3 years or maybe longer.

So I hope this is helpful and I’ve tried to be as honest as possible about our pricing. If you are still unsure then why not book in for a free eyewear styling consultation to get an understanding of what options are available to you with no obligation or pressure to buy. Even if you feel Johns Opticians is not right for you, you’ll get good advice that will help you wherever you decide to buy your next pair of glasses.

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