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Annoying Glasses That Just Don’t Fit

Working in the optical industry for over 10 years you get to hear the most common issues of glasses that don’t fit. Whether they are pinching, off centre, crooked frames or just keep slipping. Don’t try to adjust them yourself – go and see a professional. Below I’ve highlighted the 5 most common issues associated […]

Metal or Plastic Glasses – Which Are Best For You?

To be honest whether it’s plastic or metal glasses there isn’t a clear winner here. Ultimately the decision is yours based on what you do on a daily basis. As opticians it’s our job to guide you in helping you choose your perfect pair of glasses and give you recommendations based on what we know […]

Gifted — unwrap niche eyewear this Christmas

Giving gifts is as crucial to Christmas as mince pies, crackers and mistletoe. And as the years advance, it’s tougher to find something unique for the special people in your life. If you’re the type of giver who doesn’t settle for second best, soap-on-a-rope and socks won’t satisfy you. But niche eyewear might give you […]

Our top 3 bold and beautiful frames

Since niche eyewear first graced the catwalks, classic styles such as browline, horn-rimmed and wayfarer have become elegant staples with evergreen appeal. But when every Tom, Dick and Debbie sports the most popular picks, it becomes increasingly difficult to look unique. Distinctive frames are much more than visual aids and humble accessories — they elevate […]

Framed — eyewear that makes a masterpiece of any face

Finding the ideal frames for your face shape can be slightly more puzzling than picking the perfect pair of stilettos. We’ve got elegant niche eyewear to suit everyone — so our styling consultations ensure you always leave the shop looking like a superstar. But if you want a head start to help browse our brands, […]