How Expensive Are Glasses At Johns Opticians?

How Expensive Are Glasses At Johns Opticians?

How expensive are glasses at Johns Opticians – The answer to this question is ‘it depends’. Let me just elaborate a little – it depends on which frames you choose and what your lens requirements are.

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Annoying Glasses That Just Don’t Fit

Working in the optical industry for over 10 years you get to hear the most common issues of glasses that don’t fit. Whether they are pinching, off centre, crooked frames or just keep slipping.

Don’t try to adjust them yourself – go and see a professional. Below I’ve highlighted the 5 most common issues associated with poor fitting frames.

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Metal or Plastic Glasses – Which Are Best For You?

To be honest whether it’s plastic or metal glasses there isn’t a clear winner here. Ultimately the decision is yours based on what you do on a daily basis. As opticians it’s our job to guide you in helping you choose your perfect pair of glasses and give you recommendations based on what we know that works.

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Gifted — unwrap niche eyewear this Christmas

Giving gifts is as crucial to Christmas as mince pies, crackers and mistletoe.

And as the years advance, it’s tougher to find something unique for the special people in your life.

If you’re the type of giver who doesn’t settle for second best, soap-on-a-rope and socks won’t satisfy you.

But niche eyewear might give you the type of Crimbo cachet usually reserved for Santa himself — here’s why. Read more

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Our top 3 bold and beautiful frames

Since niche eyewear first graced the catwalks, classic styles such as browline, horn-rimmed and wayfarer have become elegant staples with evergreen appeal.

But when every Tom, Dick and Debbie sports the most popular picks, it becomes increasingly difficult to look unique.

Distinctive frames are much more than visual aids and humble accessories — they elevate elegance, supercharge confidence and transform you into a couture chameleon.

Finding the perfect frames can be time-consuming and complex, so we’re giving you a head start in the style stakes by picking our top three bold and beautiful designs.


Moleskine notebooks and planners are masterpieces of subtle yet sophisticated design and essential accessories for anyone with impeccable taste.

And the new Moleskine Eyewear range is imbued with the same style sensibilities. Handmade in Italy with sleek stainless steel and acetate construction, they’re 40 per cent lighter than other frames.

Retro curves and striking black, metal and tortoiseshell finishes seamlessly blend timeless and contemporary elements — pop instore to peruse them soon.

Ray-Ban — Erika Optics

For those that wish to make a more overt statement with their frames, the Erika Optics collection from Ray-Ban is the perfect place to begin.

Their translucent rounded front provides ample face coverage — while the solid blue of the arm adds a delightful dash of design savvy that really sets these frames apart from the crowd.

With a multitude of colour combinations available in this collection, you’re sure to find a pair that are perfect for you.

Tom Davies — Men’s

The Tom Davies TDH032 single layer round-horn glasses are the epitome of masculine elegance. Although they’re the style equivalent of a subtle whisper, they speak volumes about the terrific taste of the gentleman wearing them.

When you want to project an air of cool confidence and composure, these frames fit the bill perfectly.

And because they’re handcrafted, you’ll struggle to find a more comfortable fit or superior quality.

This eclectic triad features frames that are bold and beautiful in delightfully diverse ways —perfect for those who dare to be different.

The Johns Opticians VIP Club

Once you’ve selected your favourite frames, take a look at our VIP membership.

From under £10 a month packages can include glasses, contact lenses or both and feature eye examinations, diagnostic tests and 25% off frames and optical accessories.

At Johns Opticians, democratising designer eyewear is de rigueur.

Call our Hockley or West Bridgford boutiques to discuss your next pair of niche frames. We’ll help you set trends around town.

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Halloween — eye safety in the spook-tacular season

At Johns Opticians, the arrival of autumn fills us with thrills as well as chills.
From golden leaves turning on the trees and crisp, clear morning air to the anticipation of Christmas around the corner, it’s an exciting time.

But for families, Halloween is the true highlight of the season — so read on for some top tips for fans of ghoulish eyewear to ensure that your little monsters have a spook-tastic time.

Spooky Frames

Novelty frames from your local fancy dress shop can really complete an outfit this Halloween — whether you want to look like an eccentric scientist, a member of the undead or that popular teen wizard whose name escapes us for the moment.

But for those with prescription lenses, the novelty can soon wear off, because without your everyday frames, uncorrected vision might mean it’s not only ghouls going bump in the night.

Tip: If you must wear creepy eyewear, only do so for a limited time. Returning to your normal prescription lenses as soon as possible will reduce the risk of taking an embarrassing (and dangerous) tumble.

Coloured Contact Lenses

It is easy to see why coloured contact lenses are popular around Halloween. They truly blur the line between truth and reality, making those around you wonder for a second whether you might be a bona fide zombie, werewolf or

But please remember that prescription cosmetic contact lenses should still be dispensed by an optometrist or trained medical professional by law in the UK.

And purchasing unregulated contact lenses from a market stall or online can lead to serious eye health conditions such as infections, ulcers, abrasions or, in extreme cases, loss of sight.

Tip: Coloured contact lenses can be really dangerous for your eyes if not properly prescribed, so we suggest that you should avoid wearing them unless they’re responsibly sourced. Try some high-quality theatrical eye-makeup for a horrifying alternative that you can wash off after a haunting evening.


The skies will be awash with colour on the 5th of November as we celebrate the failed attempt by Guy Fawkes and his explosive band to blow the Houses of Parliament to smithereens.

And this can be a particularly dangerous time of the year for eyes — the Eye Care Trust reports that on average 10 people a year lose their sight and 300 people suffer eye-related injuries due to irresponsible use of fireworks.

Tip: Only attend official events where responsible adults handle the fireworks and kids remain at a safe distance at all time.

Halloween should be a terrifyingly good time for young and old, but follow these top tips to stay safe and sound on
the spookiest of nights.

Call us today for bespoke eye health and eyewear advice at our Hockley or West Bridgford branches on 0115 9475858/0115 9814788.

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Framed — eyewear that makes a masterpiece of any face

Finding the ideal frames for your face shape can be slightly more puzzling than picking the perfect pair of stilettos.

We’ve got elegant niche eyewear to suit everyone — so our styling consultations ensure you always leave the shop looking like a superstar.

But if you want a head start to help browse our brands, this face shape guide is the very dab.


An oval face is a blessing for bespoke specs — it means you’ll have several styles to choose from. Your face is perfectly proportioned thanks to a rounded forehead and chin, so it suits most frames.

Choose a pair that are wider than the broadest part of your face, match them with your skin tone and hair and voila — you’re ready for your close-up.


Heart-shaped faces are wide at the forehead, then taper down gradually towards the chin. If this sounds like you, choose frames that have a prominent brow line.

Retro styles are a top pick — consider clubmasters for gents or cat eyes for ladies.


A round face has circular cheeks, a wider forehead, curved chin and soft jawline.

If you fall into this category, angular frames will clash with your features, but round ones will blend brilliantly.


Square faces have strong jawlines and broad foreheads.

But it’s hip to be square — simply choose narrow frames with more width than depth as they’ll elongate your features and soften your jaw.


Rectangular faces typically have deep foreheads, long noses and robust jaws.

Choosing modern frames with a bold brow line and square shape will shorten the appearance and add definition.


The beauty of boutique brands is that they blend terrific technical qualities with diverse and unique styles that suit practically every face shape.

If you value artisan aesthetics, handmade Italian Res Rei frames should suit you down to the ground.

And if you’re seeking the ultimate in tailor-made perfection, custom-made Tom Davies frames are practically peerless.

Whichever niche brand your choose, our staff will ensure that they’re a fabulous fit for your face — but this guide might help you optimise your options.

Need help choosing niche frames? Call us for a chat on 0115 947 5858 for our Hockley Practice or  0115 981 4788 for our Practice in West Bridgford.

The Beauty of Handmade Res/Rei Frames

We came across this fantastic video that is definitely worth watching, it’s only 2 minutes long and is beautifully made.

It shows how this little workshop of 12 artisan frame makers, based in rural italy, produce these magnificent ResRei frames by hand.  They also run everything off solar power so they’re also a very green and ethical company.  Just seeing this video has made me want to own a pair even more.

If you would like to view any of these stunning, handmade frames, contact us about arranging a no-obligation styling consultation by clicking the link below.

Book A Styling Consultation